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Gas oil / Diesel storage tanks are prone to water contamination and this leads to sludge at the bottom of the tank. Water is the most common diesel fuel contamination and is usually derived from contamination caused by condensation. This leads to the corrosion of the storage tanks dependant on the material, and this corrosion adds to further contamination of stored fuel.

Often, it isn't until there are problems with machinery or boilers that people decide to have their tanks cleaned. By regularly having your tank inspected and cleaned, it can prevent any further issues that may arise.


The cost for repairs or replacement of machinery, vehicles or boilers will overtake the cost of having your tank cleaned.

Certain considerations should be taken when changing from Gas oil / Diesel to Bio Diesel. The main consideration is to ensure any tank that has previously stored Gas oil / Diesel should be thoroughly cleaned and all water content removed.

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As well as providing excellent, reliable tank cleaning services at affordable prices, we also provide a professional waste disposal service. For more information regarding our waste disposal services, click here, or feel free to give us a call.

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